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There are thousands of different games, with the passage of which you can spend any evening. However, most of them designed for the game in splendid isolation. Exceptions are all sorts of online RPGs and simulations in which your partner may become a neighbor on the landing, and a person in another city or country. However, the older generation of gamers probably remember even for two online games where you can fight with your opponent sitting with him on the same computer or attachment. Agree, much nicer to chat with his opponent alive than be limited to messages in the chat. On our site there is a whole category, which collected a variety of games designed for two players. You will only invite a friend and select a match to his liking. Projects that fall into this category are so diverse that the listing of all available genres in which you can play games for two, it is a matter for very long. For example, a puzzle game, if they play with each other, at times becoming more dynamic and interesting. All will remember Tetris, where you can spend hours alone add up neat rows of blocks, moving to the next level. But in the version of the game for two whole lot more fun - the screen is divided into two parts, and the success of your impact on the field of play opponent. If you put together a particularly good combination, then your friend will add a few extra rows of cubes or just settle extra figures. Flash games for two can be a very simple, like the same tic-tac-toe or naval combat, and more advanced in terms of graphics and gameplay. Take, for example, the game Bomberman, probably familiar to the older generation of gamers. In it you have to build the enemy cunning traps, collect bonuses along the way to escape from enemies. And since we are talking about games since Dandy, you should also mention the famous "Tank Battle", which at one time had the status of the best games for 2 players. In it you and your opponent is issued on a small tank, with which it is necessary to capture the enemy base and, if possible, as to annoy the enemy. On our site there are both good old platformers games for two, as well as their modern counterparts. For example, in the game Fire and Water with a friend you have to control a pair of men, representing one of the elements. It is only by combining the joint efforts of you will be able to overcome all the obstacles of the game on dvoh. By the way, all our games are available for free and does not require you to have any financial investments. Moreover, you can play even on vacation or on the road, because your favorite toy can be easily downloaded and installed on a computer or tablet.

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